Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crooks I tell you!

As many of you know, I am into bookswapping online. This means that I list books that I don't want for people to "mooch" from me. I send the books and then I get points to pick books that I do want off the site. It's really awesome, actually.

So currently, to send a paperback book in the US it's costs $1.59. Not bad considering. It costs $2.07 to send a hardcover book.

I was just doing some investigation on this new price increase that the post office is starting on May 14.

What a bunch of crooks!!

As of May 14, it will cost me $2.13 to mail a paperback book. That's an increase of 54 cents! I can't believe it. For people like me who mail 25 books at a time that's something like $13 more dollars than I am paying now! (So lets just say I mailed 25 paperback books. It now costs me $39.75. On May 14, it will cost me $53.25!) I think that's unacceptable.

Urrgh.. now I am pissed off....

Come May, it might be time for me to stop swapping for a while, or at least down-size my inventory. It's not like I don't have enough books to read.. but still!

On another note, I was recently given a hard time about the amount of fiction books I read. I admit, it tends to be most of what I read. Looking at my trends, I decided that I would try to read a non-fiction book every third book. So two fiction, one non-fiction. This means I have to re-adjust my 101 books. I will update that soon. (Memoirs will also count as non-fiction)

Also, Dark is going well. Not totally what I expected, but good. Should be finished soon.

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Thomas said...

Don't feel bad about mainly reading fiction. I read fiction almost exclusively--if I am in the mood for non-fiction I pick up the New Yorker. They have great non-fiction articles that are better written than many non-fiction books.