Monday, February 26, 2007

More Dave Eggers

I just love Dave Eggers. He is easily become one of my top favorite authors. I just finished How Are We Hungry. I admit, many of the stories were a bit strage... (per usual for Eggers). His stories often times don't stay with you, but the characters do. By far, my favorite story in this collection was "Up the Mountain Coming Down Slowly" (also the longest story in the collection). Maybe it's because I am an outdoor girl at heart and I love mountain climbing stuff, but this was just an incredable story! Now I can't wait to read What is the What (coming soon from bookswapping...)

Up next:

Are You Experienced by William Sutcliffe.

This book will go by fast, I can already tell!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Umm.. Yea...

So I had to put down The Thin Place. I just wasn't getting it. The first 3 pages were good and then all of a sudden it was taken dramatically off course and 40 pages later, still hadn't come back. I don't get it. Where is this story going? It was all quite random.. and I got bored.... maybe another time..

So now I am into How Are We Hungry bu Dave Eggers. Much better. I think Eggers has offically jolted himself into my top 6 authors....

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things Found In Books.....

This morning, I found two bording passes from Minneapolis to Paris in a book. The date was September 23. It didn't state the year, though they look to be at least 8 years old possibly.

I am thinking to starting a new blog, to be titled, "Things Found in Books" or something similar. I always seem to find all kinds of things in the books I pick up. (including $25! see my last post!)

Seeing those bording passes made me wonder about where this book had been, who went on this trip to Paris, why they were going.... it's fun to think about....
Finshed My Moral Enemy. I just love Willa Cather. She has a very simplistic writing style, but always manages to give her characters so much depth. It's wonderful....

New Goal: Read all of Cather's books that I haven't yet...

Currently Reading:

The Thin Place

Monday, February 12, 2007

Currently Reading....

So now that I got that horrible book away from me, I am currently read:

My Moral Enemy -- Willa Cather


A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf -- John Muir

So far both are mildly entertaining and I will be finished shortly....

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My lucky day!

Finished Hotel of the Saints. It was painful. I didn't like it. The stories were just pointless and had no structure or solid foundation. Urgh...

Here is my story for the day:

I received this book from bookmooch last week. When I got it I was pretty disappointed because it was not the book I wanted. It was a really old copy of the book that I had wanted. So I threw it in my swapping pile and thought maybe I would swap it back out.

Well today I was organizing my swapping pile and I picked up the book and thought that maybe I would keep it, because I didn't actually have a copy of this book in my library. I started half-heartedly reading it and flipping through it and then $25 dollars fell out of the book!! I couldn't believe it! $25 dollars is a lot of money to a poor person. It made up for it not being the right copy of the book!


Monday, February 5, 2007

Next up.......

So I have started reading Hotel of the Saints by Ursula Hegi

So far, I am not too impressed. The stories are a little strange. I am only about 5 stories, but they are just wierd to me. (Usually I like wierd, trust me). The one stories, "A perfumed woman" (I think), I had high hopes for, but the ending was so boring and didn't tie anything up. I almost wanted to stop reading right then, but I continued my way along, hoping it would get better. We will see how this ends up.....

Saturday, February 3, 2007


Finished Lucky tonight. I am glad I picked it back up. I really got back into the story line once I started reading again. What I can't believe is that it is all true! I was amazed. It's quite the story. At times it was a little wordy and there was too much explanation of certain things, but once I got past that and used to the style, it went pretty smoothly. Good read.