Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zeitoun -- Dave Eggers

I love, love, love Dave Eggers and again he did not disappoint. Granted I have a certain fascination with American disasters, so the topic was already of interest to me. I adore how Eggers takes a true noteworthy back story and can make it into such an engrossing almost fiction-like novel. (Take What is the What as the other example).
It's hard to believe that something like what the Zeitoun's experienced happened right in here in our own country. We all heard stories coming out of New Orleans and all the shady things that was reported, but this really brought it all home. It's hard to believe that it's not fiction. It made me very sad and even more so, angry. How is this thing possible? It's not something we think of happening here, in this country. Maybe in some other third-world country, but not here. But are we really all that shocked? I tend to think not. Anyhow, Eggers does a fantastic job of bringing this to the surface. I am intrigued enough to some research further.....