Saturday, February 10, 2007

My lucky day!

Finished Hotel of the Saints. It was painful. I didn't like it. The stories were just pointless and had no structure or solid foundation. Urgh...

Here is my story for the day:

I received this book from bookmooch last week. When I got it I was pretty disappointed because it was not the book I wanted. It was a really old copy of the book that I had wanted. So I threw it in my swapping pile and thought maybe I would swap it back out.

Well today I was organizing my swapping pile and I picked up the book and thought that maybe I would keep it, because I didn't actually have a copy of this book in my library. I started half-heartedly reading it and flipping through it and then $25 dollars fell out of the book!! I couldn't believe it! $25 dollars is a lot of money to a poor person. It made up for it not being the right copy of the book!


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