Thursday, February 15, 2007

Things Found In Books.....

This morning, I found two bording passes from Minneapolis to Paris in a book. The date was September 23. It didn't state the year, though they look to be at least 8 years old possibly.

I am thinking to starting a new blog, to be titled, "Things Found in Books" or something similar. I always seem to find all kinds of things in the books I pick up. (including $25! see my last post!)

Seeing those bording passes made me wonder about where this book had been, who went on this trip to Paris, why they were going.... it's fun to think about....

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Joel said...

You'd be interested in this discussion on LibraryThing about odd (and disgusting) things found in books.


PS: your copy of Adverbs is wrapped up and ready to go in the mailbox tomorrow.