Sunday, January 27, 2008

Summers with the Bears

I finished this book in a day! I loved it! Being from Minnesota and loving the North Shore, there is no way I couldn't love it. I also LOVE bears. This reminded me of something I would do. I know the morals are a bit screwed up and people shouldn't be leaving food out for bears and such, but how could they resist? Granted, this book was very honest. He knew that what he was doing was questionable and let the read know that and decide for themselves. I also like how he didn't claim to be an expert or a scientist, but this was just about his and his wife's experiences. All of these bears had unique personalities and it was great that the Becklund’s thought to write down these thoughts and experiences. The ending was sad, but as we know, these are wild animals and they can be unpredictable. This book is a true testament to the power of human-animal interaction and relationships.

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