Monday, December 17, 2007

The Worst Noel

I finished two more books: The Worst Noel and American Dreams.

The Worst Noel

Honestly this book bored me. I thought this was going to be a funny book that I could read around the holidays. All it turned out to be was annoying. A few of the stories were midly funny, but the rest I just felt like the authors were trying way to hard to make you laugh. I was hoping for something similar to Holidays on Ice, by David Sedairs (which I LOVED), but this was a far cry from that.


American Dreams -- Sappahire

I really liked this book. I reminded me a lot of "A Piece of Cake" (which I think I still like better). I was very raw, emotional, sexually charged, and honest. I realize that many people might be uncomfortable about some of the topics in this book (incest, rape, lesbianism, sexism) but I find the stuff not only fascinating, but real.

Sapphire is truly gifted. She knows how to get deep within the reader and rattle perceptions of African Americans as well as women. This work was a eye-opening glimpse into the lives of people many of us would like sooner to forget or put out of our minds

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