Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Thousand Splendid Suns

I had very high hopes for this book. And for the most part they were met. (I still think I liked the Kite Runner more.)

That being said, this was a fantastic read. Hosseini is a very, very gifted storyteller. The plot was unbreakable. The character development was flawless. I really admire an author who can make a reader feel so much for their characters.

I also found it fascinating to learn about the Taliban from an insider's point of view; from the view of an Afghani. How at first they were very excited for the Taliban to come and how it really turned out. I didn't know much about Afghanistan and it's war history, so this book was an eye opening experience. It goes to show that the view point of most of the western word that all people from Afghanistan are evil horrible people is just not true.

As a change of pace, I liked that this story was told in the view point of women, whereas the Kite Runner was told from a man's. I thought that was a great choice. Being a woman, after reading the book, really made me reflect on my life and how lucky I am to have the freedom and choice that I do.

The one part I struggled with, was that at times when I wasn't paying close enough attention while reading, I tended to get confused between Laila and Miriam, especially when they referred to their past. But after a quick second I was able to think back and figure it out -- but it didn't always come naturally.

All in all -- a highly recommended book.

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