Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Still Alive

No, I am not dead! It seems there has been a bit of a stall in my reading. I started reading The Screwtape Letters and I knew about 10 pages into it that it wasn't for me. I couldn't take it. (Usually I try as hard as I can to finish a book.. but this one wasn't happening). Then I picked up Alentejo Blue by Monica Ali. What a strange book. The first two chapters were really confusing and then the third chapter I liked, but then the next it was different characters and things were boring again. I put it down. I was getting no where. I might pick it up again, but doubtful. (I then totalled my car so I had to put reading on hold for a little bit.)

At this point in my life, why waste time reading books that I just don't like? I got so many freaking books on my selves that it's not worth it to me...

So I have now moved on to Why New Orleans Matters by Tom Piazza. It's interesting. Hurricane Katrina fascinates me. I have never been to New Orleans and I wish I had been before. But this book wants to make me visit, even now, badly. Should be finished shortly.

Also the find of the day! I got a brand new (hardcover) copy of The Emperor's Children by Clarie Messud at the thrift store for 99 cents! (I have wanted this book for a while and there are like 75 people who have it on their wish list on bookswapping...) Yay!

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Thomas said...

I agree with you on Screwtape Letters. Except I forced myself to finish it. Normally I follow the rule of 50 laid out by Nancy Pearl in Book Lust. If you don't like it at 50 pages you can bail without feeling guilty.